Introducing the new Kiwanis Endorsed Project

What is Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Center?

The Kiwanis Pediatric Trauma Center is a clinic located in Long Island, New York that is dedicated to serving unique care for children in extreme situations (e.g. trauma injuries). It also serves a number of other functions, such as outreach to parents and educational programs.


The Center was first created out of an alliance between Kiwanis International's New York District and the North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, Long Island. After significant amounts of time spent on negotiation and hashing out details, it was unimaniously voted as an ongoing District Project in 1991.

Its initial functions were advanced and affordable medical care for children who needed the assistance, and primarily based it out of the resources at North Shore. But since its foundations, the Center has expanded to offer extensive educational networks and general family assistance.

Medical Facilities and Extended Functions

Thanks to North Shore, the Center has an extensive amount of resources available for patients. The staffing is incredibly diverse and includes a range of professions, ranging from pediatric neurologists and neurosurgeons, trauma surgeons, orthopedists, to anesthesiologists, emergency specialists, and critical-care physicians.

The KPTC's also holds educational programs and family-support networks. Campaigns to prevent injuries to children are undertaken by  Kiwanis clubs, and North Shore has initiated educational programs geared to Emergency Medical Service personnel.

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