Introducing the new Kiwanis Endorsed Project

What is Kamp Kiwanis?

Kamp Kiwanis is a summer camp that aims to be an easily accessible source of summer fun for children with disabilities and special needs. Its main emphasis is around group bonding and teamwork (around 20 per session) and all activites are encouraged in this fashion, but no particular actiity is compulsory.

Facilities and Staff

The main camp is located near Rome, N.Y., and contains all the typical features of any other camp (e.g. sleeping cabins, open fields, sports areas, nature trails, pools, etc.) The main goal is for children with disabilites to get as authentic a camp experience as any other child.

The staffmembers in particular are diverse in origin, and all are adequetly trained for working with children of all ages. Also included are fully trained lifeguards/medical personall in the event of a situation emerging. Staff:Child ratios range from 1:8 to 1:1.

Types of Camps Offered

There are two types of camps offered:

  1. Youth Kamp: a coed camp for children ranged 8 ~ 14, with a Counselor training program for those aged 15 - 17.
  2. Adult Kamp: a camp specifically for adults with disabilities

For more information visit their website!

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