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What is Kiwanis Lyme Disease Foundation?

The Kiwanis Lime Disease Foundation was founded to quickly provide aid to those afflicted with Lyme Disease, a quick-moving disease that wrecks havoc on the nervous system and has the potential to deal lasting, significant damage on the human body. 

What is Lyme Disease?

Lyme Disease is caused predominately by tick bites and is most prevalent in the Northern Hemisphere area, in particular around forested areas. Its earliest stages are hardest to detect (the most symptoms one may get is an ordinary rash), but can turn into headaches/fevers and (in its worst cases) outright paralysis. What makes Lyme Disease so dangerous both the difficulty in early detection and the immense pain suffered by victims over extensive periods of time.

The best treatment against Lyme Disease is protection, early detection, and antibiotics. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine available for Lyme Disease, and post-disease recovery is a long, extensive, and expensive task.

Kiwanis Lyme Disease Foundation

The Foundation was first started under 2000 Kiwanis New York District Governer John Gridley's attention when he was made aware of the extensive costs surrounding the disease, especially for children afflicted with the disease.

One major problem with Lyme Disease is that many insurance companies don't pay for its expensive treatment, leaving many families in the blue. The Foundation's goal is therefore to provide medical financial aid for those who need assistance in recovering from Lyme Disease

Their support is funded through donations from Kiwanis Clubs and individuals and channeled into the Pediatric Lyme Disease Fund. As of May 2014, the foundation had paid $269,000 for pediatric treatment.

For more information please visit their website.

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