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What is Sunrise Day Camp?

Sunrise Day Camp is a charity that provides free day camp service for children with cancer, and is the only charity of its kind to do so. For children with cancer, an unimaginably grueling experiences, Sunrise Day Camp offers opportunities for them to seamlessly add some happiness/relief to their lives.



Sunrise Day Camp was initally one of Arnie Preminger's hopes and dreams, but it was kickstarted into reality when he researched and found that no other organization offered a very simple thing: summer camps for children with cancer. This simple fact pushed Preminger to open Sunrise Day Camp's first camp in 2006 at Wheatley Heights, Long Island

The most unique (and appreaciated) aspect about life at Sunrise is that the camp proceeds in conjunction with active treatment, enabling the Camp to not be a disruptive interference in the family's everyday life but rather a relief from the monotony of hospital life.

Locations and Affiliations

Since the first Long Island camp, Sunrise has expanded into the Sunrise Assosiation has grown to support many more camps. Currently there are currently seven Day Camps  — three in New York (Long Island, Pearl River & Staten Island), three in Israel (Beit Yehoshuah, Be’er Sheva & Ramat Yochanan) and one in Baltimore, Maryland. Today, its primary goals are creating new camps, maintaining old ones, and ensuring that campers have the best time they possibly can.

For more information, please visit Sunrise Association's website!


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