What is the Fall Rally?

Another convention where Key Clubbers from multiple divisions come together and learn more about Key Club and how to be good citizens. Fall Rally 2017 for Divisions 8, 8A, 9, 10, and 11 was held at Stuyvesant. Feel free to visit the district page's website for information about New York District's other Fall Rallies.

Have Lots of Fun!

Stressed over your grades? Want friends? Fall Rally is your time to  interact with people you've never met before and make new friends you'll talk to again next conference. 

Meet the People!

Key Club International is a big organization, and that's something Key Clubbers often don't understand until they go to one of its conferences. Gasp in awe as you see just how big our family is!


Fall Rally is one of many chances Key Clubbers can flex their socializing skills and interact. You get to talk to Key Clubbers from all over the city -- even in Staten Island! This is your chance to exit your comfort zone and meet new people ... !


Learn more about what ideal Key Clubbers should be like and how to best to uphold the motto "caring: our way of life." They're led by your very own Key Club leaders, and some occasional guest stars too!

Interested in Signing Up?

Visit next year for more information, or consult your school