What is the International Convention?

ICON is a meeting of all the Key Clubs of Key Club International, and hosts around 3000 people per Convention.

Win Awards!

ICON awards the biggest awards to clubs who were the most dedicated. At ICON 2017, Division 11 was honored with having 2 schools (Bronx Science and HSMSE) for winning the Distinguished Diamond Club Award, an award that goes to clubs that go above and beyond in service.


Hear the biggest legends in Key Club (and in Kiwannis too!) talk about their experiences in the K-Family!


Thought Playfair was fun at LTC and DTC? Wait until you experience Playfair with 3000 people.

Remember the Alamo!

Part of the ICON experience is its local setting, usually a place of major historical significance. ICON gives you the chance to really experience history!

Meet new People!

ICON, by virtue of being an Internationali Convention, gives you the chance to meet lots of new people. Make friends from as far off as California!

Plane Ride!

Ever wanted to travel to places that are really far out? ICON gives you that excuse! ICON 2017 was held at 

San Antonio, Texas

Expect ICON 2018 to be similarly far!

Interested in Signing Up?

Visit next year for more information, or consult your school