What is the Divisional Training Conference?

DTC is a smaller version of LTC. Here, everyone in New York City comes together. Smaller, but still lots of fun!

Make new Friends!

DTC is a gathering of members from clubs all throughout New York City! Use it as an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends!

Hear Seminars!

DTC offers keynote speakers who speak on many important topics! Come to hear an interesting perspective on the world around us!

Visit Workshops!

Interested in applying for an officer position (or just got elected into one?) Do you want to immerse yourself a bit into a new skill, or simply hear about what people passionately love? DTC's workshops has all of those things. Learn more about how you can improve your home, school, and community.

Interested in Signing Up?

Visit the New York District Key Club website, or consult your school