What is the Divisional Training Conference?

DTC is a smaller version of LTC. Here, everyone in New York City comes together. Smaller, but still lots of fun!

Make new Friends!

Felt isolated in your Club? Ever want to expand your social circle but lack the social skills to do so? DTC offers the perfect chance to test new waters and make new friends. Reach out and make new memories!

Hear Seminars!

Last year's DTC Keynote Speaker discussed Yuda Bands and how to better fundraise and raise money for charitable causes. Come back next year to hear another Keynote Speaker talk about what s/he considers the biggest issues of the day.

Visit Workshops!

Interested in applying for an officer position (or just got elected into one?) Do you want to immerse yourself a bit into a new skill, or simply hear about what people passionately love? DTC's workshops has all of those things. Learn more about how you can improve your home, school, and community.

Interested in Signing Up?

Visit next year for more information, or consult your school