What is the Leadership Training Conference?

LTC is a giant 3-day convention where all the Key Clubbers from all over New York State get together in a collective celebration of the past service year and an update for next year.

Win Awards!

Bring honor to your club! LTC honors the most dedicated (and most sociable) members/clubs each year. Use this chance to show all the other clubs (and your fellow members) who's boss. The most prominent awards offered are

  • Distinguished/Outstanding Key Clubber (9th ~ 12th)
  • Distinguished/Outstanding Officers (Club Officers)
  • Distinguished/Outstanding Faculty

Bond with your Friends!

The biggest benefit to LTC is the massive opportunities to expand your social base. Use LTC's wonderful times to create new memories with old and new friends!

Elect Your District Board

Dissastisfied with NYDKC? LTC lets you voice your opinions by electing new board officers to the District Board. At LTC the following positions are elected:

  • District Governer
  • District Treasurer
  • District EAs

Your Immediate Past LTGs will also formally be replaced at LTC!

Attend Workshops

Learn what it takes to not just be a better Key Clubber, but a better person.  Workshops offer the opportunity to explore beyond one's normal lifestyle and aim for a higher level.

Interested in Signing Up?

Visit next year for more information, or consult your school