What is the Leadership Training Conference?

LTC is a giant 3-day convention where all the Key Clubbers from all over New York State get together in a collective celebration of the past service year and an update for next year.

Win Awards!

At LTC, awards are given to the individuals and clubs who have shown excellency in certain fields. Whether it be recognizing an extremely hard working club secretary, or gifting the Key of Honor to an adult who has shaped your Key Club community, LTC aims to honor these individuals. Note that the quality of a club does not relate to the number of awards it wins, but the enthusiasm and spirit of the members within it!

Bond with your Friends!

LTC allows you to meet Key Clubbers from all over New York State, allowing you to meet new people and get closer with the people in your club and Division!

Attend Workshops

At LTC, learn a range of different skills, ranging from things such as how to be a good secretary to ballroom dancing!

Elect Your District Board

LTC is the time to elect new members onto the District Board, to make sure New York District is in good hands for the upcoming service year. At LTC the following positions are elected:

  • District Governor
  • District Treasurer
  • District Secretary

Furthermore, individuals who wish to run for International President need to be nominated by the District. 

Your Immediate Past LTGs will also formally be replaced at LTC!

Interested in Signing Up?

Visit the New York District Key Club website, or consult your school