New York District Key Club Division 11

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HSMSExLAG Scavenger Hunt

Spencer Ha

Appeared in the July 2017 Newsletter

On July 30th, I volunteered at HSMSE and LAG’s scavenger hunt to support their fundraiser at Roosevelt Island. This was the first collaborative fundraiser LaGuardia and HSMSE had, and it was to support a charity we believed deeply in- World Vision. World Vision is an organization that targets world issues like poverty and hunger in disadvantaged countries. They especially focus on youth who can often be the greatest victims of injustice. HSMSE and LAG thus combined forces to try to raise as much money as possible through a fun scavenger hunt at Roosevelt Island. Participants for a fee of $8 would search the island using riddles for landmarks and other objects. A team of 4 would win when they successfully solved all the riddles. As a volunteer my job was to give a riddle at a location called Lighthouse Park. When teams come to me, I would provide a clue that would lead them to the next location.

When I arrived at my station at 1pm, I had the delightful opportunity of being able to talk to chaperones whose help cannot be understated. Without them, the event would simply not be possible. It was incredibly fun to be able to be able to give riddles to different teams. Not only was I able to talk to people that I would have never gotten the chance to normally, it was also exciting to see participants attempt to solve the riddle as a team. It reminded me of what Key Club is all about- collaboration. A group of minds will always be better than just one, and it was fascinating to see that process play out countless times. At the end, both participants and volunteers gathered at Firefighters Field to be given awards to all teams regardless of their completion of the scavenger hunt. Board members and D11 LTG Eric Zhao got auctioned off to be pied by the crowd. It was an amazing experience and even as a volunteer, I felt the overwhelming energy.

The event was extremely successful overall. Not only was HSMSE and LAG able to raise $481 to World Vision, but key clubbers from across the city had a blast. I would definitely go next year to support HSMSE and LaGuardia.