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NYC Triathlon

Aaron Wu

Appeared in the July 2017 Newsletter

July 16th, 5:00AM, marks the beginning of the NYC Triathlon, where thousands of athletes participate in a marathon of swimming through Hudson River, biking along the west side of Manhattan and finally making the last run through Central Park.
This was one of the few events that started really early, which gave me and other volunteers an excuse to pull an all nighter. However, it was really tough trying to stay awake and constantly cheer for the incoming athletes.
When we first arrived at the AIDS Station along 110th St., we were assigned to set up the tables where we will proceed to pour cups of water and gatorades. Tents were also set up for the medical group, and signs were put up to indicate our station.
About an hour later, the first athlete came running, follow by a storm of athletes after athletes. The number of athletes were astonishing as our tables filled with cups of water quickly depleted, so we have to be on the job of replenishing them again. Ending at around 1:00PM, most of our volunteers including me were exhausted by the end.
Having to wake up early and keeping up with the water supplies and having to constantly cheer at the athletes were tiring but overall this event was spectacular. Although it was a long journey, it was interesting to witness a triathlon in action. Being a volunteer really brought new perspectives into my eyes, as some athletes were really worn out but they still continue running. Even if they are not in first place, they are determined to continue and reach the goal. Everyone has their own purpose of participating in this race, solely just enjoying it is already a good reason.