New York District Key Club Division 11

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GAF Gala

Peter Alegre

Appeared in the June 2017 Newsletter

Bronx Science Key Club volunteered at the CAF Gala on June 12 and June 13. The Caf Gala is an event that raises money to provide disabled athletes with prosthetics that help them play sports. I volunteered for both days. On June 12, our club had arrived at the Hilton hotel in Manhattan to stuff gift bags that were going to be given out to the guests for the gala. The gift bags contained many free goodies, and we had quickly finished in 35 minutes. The day after on June 13 was the day of the gala. Volunteers had to dress business casual for the event. We helped guide guests to the dinner and then afterwards, had dinner and enjoyed some of the program. Volunteers then handed out the gift bags we stuffed the day before to the guests. I enjoyed this event a lot, as this has been my second year so far. Members from HSMSE and Circle K attended this event, and it has historically been an event Bronx Science has volunteered for years. It was tiring and late, but I always look forward to it every year.