New York District Key Club Division 11

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Key Club Week


Nov. 9, 2018

Monday: Wear any Key Club apparel you have or wear gold+blue to SHOW YOUR K!

Tuesday: Kudos to the Key Players! Personally thank all of the Key Club supporters you know—advisors and other Key players. Write an appreciative email, say hi in the hallways, or write them a card!

Wednesday: Dare to Care! Learn more about the three charities we've partnered with (Children's Miracle Network, UNICEF, and March of Dimes)! You can raise money with your Eliminate Boxes!

Thursday: Random Acts of Kindness! Show someone a smile, buy someone food, do something to make another person feel happy! Tell them to pass it on

Friday: Connect the K's! Learn more about the Kiwanis Family (K-Kids, Builder's Club, Aktion Club, Key Club, Circle K, and Kiwanis)!