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HSMSE x LaG Volleyball Tournament

Emily Huang

Aug. 7, 2018

Hello Division 11!

My name is Emily Huang, the co-head of LaGuardia's Fundraising Committee.
LaGuardia Key Club and HSMSE will soon be hosting their 2nd Annual interclub fundraiser.
We are pleased to invite you to our picnic and volleyball tournament! Immerse yourself in the game, the food, and come to catch up with friends!
Needless to say, the winning team of the volleyball tournament will receive a prize!
This will be taking place in a park so feel free to bring anything to entertain yourselves.

WHERE: Pier 25
WHEN: Thursday, August 16th
TIME: 11 AM to 3 PM
PRICE: $5 for the tournament, $7 for the picnic and $10 for both

Proceeds will go to support both clubs.
Thank you and I hope to see you guys there! <3 <3