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Webmaster Application Details

Brian Lee

Feb. 22, 2018

Hey there! If you're reading this post, you're probably interested in being my successor. With that in mind, there's a couple things to note:

tl;dr: If you don't know what Github is, don't try to maintain the current website. If you do want to, you have work to do. You'll also need to pay money for the website.

1) If you want to maintain (or upgrade) the current website, you NEED to know how to code. Specifically, you'll need proficiency in Python, (specifically the Django library) as well as general proficiency in front-end development. (e.g. Bootstrap, whatever JS plugin you like) You should also have substantial experience as a sysadmin, (e.g. database operations, VPS management, etc) as well as experience with Search Engine Optimization. Granted, you don't necessarily need to be professional-level straight-out-of-the-box, but this isn't the kind of job to learn programming from scratch. LTG-Elect Mara will add an option for you to link your Github, if you have a relevant profile.

2) If you're looking to maintain the website, you should be aware of a few projects I'm leaving for you to implement:
-Migration from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4: this includes dependencies (e.g. Django form generators) and rewriting the front-end code from scratch.
-Automating migration of Facebook posts: right now, I manually migrate Facebook posts on the D11 group into the website's own database. Ideally, this should be done programatically using Facebook's API.
-Automated migration of photos from Google Drive: I also manually migrate select photos from the D11 Photo Drive into the website's own database -- this should also be done from scratch.
-Cleaning up dependencies: this is something I'm in the process of doing, but you should complete the job.
-Coordinating with your Board: admittedly I've done a bad job on this, but you need to periodically reach out to your Board and ensure the website becomes an entire one-man job. Ideally, your Board members should care enough to offer consistent input/feedback on the site.

3) You DON'T NEED TO maintain the current website, if you ABSOLUTELY don't want to. A Weebly website will do the job, but it will do a fraction of what the current website (with a full-fledged backend) can do. (e.g. automatic updates)

4) You'll need to pay out-of-pocket in some form for the website. The costs are $10/month for the domain (, and $5/month for the server itself, if you're looking to maintain the current website. If you really want to, both the domain and the server can be ditched, but where's the fun in having just a * extension?

Send any extensive questions over the "Contact Us" page.