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[Reminder] Black Panther Fundraiser

Freya Zhu

Feb. 16, 2018

Justin's cramming in all his recommendations and applications (smh) so I'm here to enlighten y'all.

Heyo best division! I'm Freya and I'm going to be Stuykc's treasurer for the 2018-2019 service year! 😊😊

🎊新年快乐!!🎊 (creds to google translate) I'm sure y'all are itching to spend the money u received from ur hong bao...WELL LOOK NO FURTHER.

On Monday, you can watch the moving tale of young king trying to reclaim his throne (and me potentially crying)

For the LOW LOW price of only $11, u can watch a movie with all ur friends! AND SPEAKING OF FRIENDS (or if you don't have any) , Y'ALL CAN MEET NEW IRREPLACEABLE ONES AT THE FUNDRAISER!! 😍😍

And if you're cheap like me, there's more to sweeten the deal!
Not only can u use ur student MetroCard, u can even get FrEE AdMiSSiOn if u refer the most people. Like is this a good deal or what? 😘😘

If you have no sense of direction don'tchu worry! We're gonna hold a Meetup at Flushing Library at 9:30

Be sure to take a look at the poster 😉😉
Show ur love and support by showing up!!! (Please)