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October Divisional!!!

Eric Zhao

Oct. 22, 2017


It's been a while since I've posted and I feel awful because of that :(

BUTTTTT, I'll make it up to you guys if you go to the October Divisional this Friday. It's gonna be mad lit because of new members and all the updates we have. We'll also have fun activities for everyone to enjoy. Make sure to pull through! It's at HSMSE, but Harlem has been undergoing tons of gentrification so it's safe! Please sign up by Wednesday of this week because we need to get a count of people! If you don't know if you're going, sign up anyways (Just in case ;) )

ALSOOOOOO, make sure to go to Fall Rally! It's this huge conference hosted by the City LTGs. You'll learn a lot about Key Club and I think it's gonna be pretty lit. So make sure to sign up for both Fall Rally and the October Divisional below!!!!! :DDDDD