New York District Key Club Division 11

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CCNY Thirst Project Gala

Aaron Wu

Appeared in the April - May Newsletter

The Thirst Project Concert fundraiser, organized by CCNY Circle K, is designed to raise money to support one of our international projects, the Thirst Project. Although it is self-explanatory from the name, the Thirst Project provides a freshwater well for people in AFrica who are suffering from long labors to retrieve contaminated water that can ultimately harm them. Their current goal is to set one in Switzerland. This fundraiser started from 6:30 PM all the way to 11:30PM, where we enjoyed dinner with Circle K members and watched them display their talents in music. There were also many activities before the dinner started ,like Water Walk. Water Walk essentially covers up the harsh conditions the people who lived war way form a water source experience on a daily basis. We were tasked to carry 5 gallons of water back and forth while learning random trivia about the cause. During the dinner, there were also water bottle props filled with leaves that resemble the dirty water that people are required to drink to stay hydrated. I may or may not have drunk some of it. Overall, it was a great experience attending a fundraiser outside of Key Club. From this one fundraiser, I got to know some of the people form other clubs in my division and got got to see the life of a Circle K Member. Being more experienced and involved in the community, they demonstrated their knowledge on the the Thirst Project and inspired me to contribute more to the cause, and provided a better insight of how to be more involved in life and Key Club.