New York District Key Club Division 11

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Japan Day

Sherry Chen

Appeared in the April - May Newsletter

Japan Day at Central Park was the highlight of my Key Club journey yet! I had an amazing time talking to so many diverse people during my shift. The conversations and/or smiles from the moms, daughters, grandmas , their husbands, brothers, children, etc., lifted my mood. Despite the fact that we had to stand and guard the talented women doing calligraphy for hours, we got the chance to watch those who were daring enough to try calligraphy on their own. I cherished the company of my tent mates; it was also my first time meeting some of them, but somehow we worked as if we knew each other for a lifetime. Japan Day is a valid way to meet new friends, and the food was pretty lit, not gonna lie. I was surprised that the random shower of rain didn't scare off anyone; the crowds and lines were still there, and people were sill laughing and smiling. Japan Day was an extraordinary experience.