New York District Key Club Division 11


  1. Does Key Club Make Keys?
  2. No, but the key copier nearest to you does!

  3. What is Key Club?
  4. Key Club is an international student-run organization which actively engages in community service throughout neighborhoods. Students who serve in Key Club's service events (and its executive boards) experience concepts such as integrity, accountability, and charity, and receive extensive opportunities to branch out and network with significant amounts of people.

  5. That sounded very generic. What exactly does Key Club Do?
  6. Fair point. Key Clubbers are given a wide variety of service events to engage in. One very common event is a neighborhood cleanup, typically at a park, but also in less accessible areas, such as coastlines. Other common events include homeless outreach, and helping run festivals. On the flip side, many Key Club schools/divisions hold fundraisers (e.g. a movie fundraiser), and the profits go to a charity. On higher levels of Key Club, conferences may be held, where Key Clubbers across an entire district, or even across the entire organization, get together and network.

  7. Wait, you mentioned "District" and "Division." What does that mean?
  8. That's a good question. This video is here to help.


  9. I've heard lots of rumors that Key Club is 'cliquey.' What's your say?
  10. I will only say that Key Club is just as cliquey as any other organization may be. I won't be idealistic and say Key Club is the MOST welcoming to newcomers,  or that newcomers will NEVER feel isolated, but what I will say is that it gives newcomers the opportunity to socialize and network. But it also depends on the nature of the newcomer. In real life, people must exit their comfort zone and take the initiative to talk with strangers and make friends. Make no mistake: newcomers must similarly exit their comfort zones to forge connections within Key Club. Key Club's motto may be "caring: our way of life," but it also inevitably involves overcoming adversity, which may include the social anxiety of encountering initially less-than-favorable people.

  11. Where can I find more information about Key Club?
  12. Visit for more information about Key Club, or visit your local school's Key Club website, if it has one.

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